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N2550 Cadiz Springs Road
Monroe, WI, 53566


Get Inda Farming, LLC is a family farm run by Joanne and Greg Inda (Mother and son) in Monroe, Wisconsin. We farm things we love and things we think you should should get "Inda". 


Inda Fest! 

What is Inda Fest? It's an invitation for YOU to Get Inda Farming... on our farm! This upcoming 4th of July weekend you are welcome to join us beginning the evening of Friday, July 1st and stay until the evening of Monday, July 4th (or Tuesday morning if you've got the time off work). You can stay all weekend, or just come up for a day. 

What we want are folks who are interested in helping us with some farm work. Things like weeding around our lavender, building a cob oven, learning about bees and honey production, and other projects here and there. It's an opportunity for us to catch up on chores and for you to have fun playing in the dirt. All of the work is voluntary and if you'd prefer to venture off and explore town for a day, we encourage it!

We have a number of bed rooms available and lots of space if you'd like to camp. Our days will be filled with projects and our nights with bonfires and parties. We're also within 15 minutes from a great drive-in cinema if you want to take in a movie under the stars, or 45 minutes from the New Glarus Brewery if you want to stock up on Spotted Cow straight from the source. 

And we have something special planned for Monday the 4th of July. After spending the weekend working on the farm, the 4th we'll be tubing down the Sugar River. Tubing is a 5 hour float down the beautiful Sugar River. We tie our tubes together to form a flotilla the likes of which have never been seen before. We drink beers and box wine, dangle our feet in the waters, and truly relax.

If you're interested, check out the bullet point details below and fill out the form to the right. More details will come once we have an idea of who's interested. This is our inaugural Inda Fest, so thank you for your patience as we work out the kinks. 

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Are you interested in tubing down the Sugar River on the 4th of July?
  • Friday July 1st-Monday July 4th 
  • Come for the whole weekend or for just a day
  • Bedrooms and camping space available
  • Farm is 21 acres with 3 ponds, some forest, and some open prairie
  • Address is N2550 Cadiz Springs Rd Monroe, WI 53566
  • I will be able to offer some rides, but I'm hoping we can arrange some carpools for those who do not have a vehicle. There is a bus line that runs from Union Station to Beloit, so we can also pick up folks from there.