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N2550 Cadiz Springs Road
Monroe, WI, 53566


Get Inda Farming, LLC is a family farm run by Joanne and Greg Inda (Mother and son) in Monroe, Wisconsin. We farm things we love and things we think you should should get "Inda". 

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Get Inda Farming's blog is where you can find recipe's, videos, photos, and all the things we hope you "get inda". :)

Welcome to Get Inda Farming!

Greg Inda

Hello and welcome to Get Inda Farming! We're super excited that you've found our website and we look forward to sharing our farm with you. My name is Greg Inda and I'm one part of the Get Inda crew along with my mom Joanne Inda. As you can see, Get Inda is a pun off of our last name. But it means more to us than just that.

We got into farming after living in the Chicagoland area for 30+ years and believe me, growing up in the city I NEVER thought I'd one day be a farmer. But it's been a learning experience and more importantly it's been FUN! And we want you to share the thrills we get chasing chickens, working with bees, and harvesting garlic. We want you to get excited knowing why natural honey is so good for you. And how garlic has enough varieties to make a wine nut do a double take.

We want you to Get Inda Farming.

This blog along with our newsletter will provide you with tips, recipes, lessons, photos, videos, and stories as we harvest walnuts, get stung by bees, and plant new crops (like our Aronia Berries). So stay tuned and if you have any questions/suggestions/requests, feel free to drop us a comment below.